Winter Solstice Retreat

The Winter Solstice One-Day Retreat

December 22nd, 2018 | 10am-330pm


Winter Solstice is a natural time of retreat.

Join Jane Bear and Aria Peterman for a one day yoga retreat at

The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island


We invite you to embrace Winter’s calling. As bears move into hibernation, trees pull their energy deep into their roots, and indigenous cultures dive into the dream world, we invite you to connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you in this day of yoga, meditation and reflection.

A one day retreat is an opportunity to be transported, awakened, and transformed. It is a precious period of time devoted to the purpose of rejuvenation and inner discovery. Come cultivate a space that will lead you toward insights, personal breakthroughs, and assimilation of all you have received. The day will be spent nurturing ourselves. Winter solstice is a time to pause and reflect; a time to cultivate vitality and take extra care to nurture ourselves. Moving into stillness, we can return to our lives refreshed and strengthened for the new year to come

Included in the experience is; gentle Asana practice, guided meditation, beautiful Ayurvedic lunch by Chef Aria, opportunity for discussion and exploration, and a restorative Savasana with Reiki and Live Sound Bath provided by musician Joseph Sanchez.

Yoga is about opening the heart. It is about treating ourselves well. It is about balance. A one day retreat can help with all three of these leaving you feeling replenished in body, mind, and soul.

Our retreat offers a simple way to bring balance, recharge staying true to your yoga practice, and treat yourself to something special. This format is short and sweet, with no need to dramatically alter your schedule and life.

This one-day retreat will restore you. Your spirit will start to shine feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It is the perfect time to reflect and heal! The day will include:


• Opening Circle

• 90 Minute Yoga

• Ayurvedic Lunch

• Diving Deep Into Seasonal Nourishment, Reflection & Intention - Journal & Discussion

• Guided Meditation, Reiki, and Live Sound-Bath by Joseph Sanchez

• Tea & Closing Circle

Note: Please bring your own journal to write in.

Registration Fees/Costs

$135 all inclusive investment.
Mail checks to:
PO Box 1290
Freeland WA 98249
*PayPal & Venmo accepted

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Full refund received until December 15th.

Additional Services Offered

The Yoga Lodge has cozy rooms available if you would like to extend your stay for a fuller retreat experience. Private Reiki Healing sessions available on Sunday following retreat.

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