Jane Bear is a certified Reiki Master.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. We know from the ancient yogis as well as from modern science that everything is energy; our body, thoughts and emotions included. Reiki is the practice of channeling strong, intentional healing energy to assist in the restoration and integration of your body, mind and heart; aligning them with each other and the Universe. When we instinctively place our hands on a wound we are directing focused energy to that place for ease and healing. So we have an instinctive understanding of this potential whether we are aware of it or not.

Reiki is another word for Prana/Manas/Qi/Chi; that all pervading, intelligent force that holds the Universe together and keeps it unfolding and growing. Love. Some of the benefits of Reiki are:

•Offers deep relaxation & release of stress and tension.

•Creates an environment to nurture & restore.

•Dissolves energetic blocks found in the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

•Supports the natural balance of Prana/Chi.

Sessions start at $55/hour. During a session Jane serves as a channel for Reiki energy; inviting it to help and heal where it needs to. She offers a space of deep listening and presence to whatever may present itself. In Gratitude.