Jane Bear Studio | Graphics & Branding

It is strange to even write this post, but here it goes. Photography feels like one of the great loves of my life. I am passionate about it. I get giddy every single time I am out working with my camera in hand. It fuels my soul in so many ways. But I am also guided by spirit, as we all are, if we are listening, and the flow of the universe has continually directed me away from shooting for money. Let me first say that I am NOT one of those millions of people out there who believe you can't do what you love for a living AND make money at it. This is simply a story we were told when we were young, and continue to tell ourselves today. The truth is, this thing called life is just a game. We get to choose what we want to play and how we want to play it. There are NO RULES, except for the ones we write for ourselves. So, I have written that passion = money. And then the universe speaks and directs and says, yes that is true, but right now there are other things that need your attention. So my energy is directed to other places, or more importantly, to helping people. This all may change tomorrow, and I am happy to ride the wave. But for today, I am going to actively share some other work that I do. Graphic work. Website work. Marketing. Helping people build and direct their businesses. Art Direction. (which is secretly something I have always loved to do. Point at something and say, "that doesn't look good.") And this is the beginning of Jane Bear Studio. I'm beginning to feel that it's not just about photography (which will always be a part of my offerings) but the "Studio" is a more broad, more accurate version of what I can do for you.

Two Websites I have designed: www.cosmicmanbear.com & www.fairymagicentertainment.com

Thank you & Thank you.  -Jane