Aja, River & Rainey | Magic

The first few days and weeks after a woman gives birth can be described in so many ways. Enlightening, challenging, exhausting, magic. You wake up one day and you're suddenly sharing your space with another human who you have never met before. This tiny creature cries and sleeps and nurses and nurses and nurses and needs you for its survival and takes up any time that you used to have for yourself. Your old life is gone in an instant, leaving you with a body you don't recognize, and zero instructions on how to navigate this new way of life. But... birth also brings pure joy. The closest love to god you have ever felt. Pride in yourself for accomplishing something so immensely magnificent. Happiness that this creature chose you to be its mama. Gratitude for this body that can create life AND nourish the life it created. Thankful for the challenges, knowing that this time in your life is just a blink and will change again tomorrow, so you cherish each and every second. 

This goddess mama invited me into her space during this vulnerable postpartum period, to photograph her and her now two daughters. This was healing for me. To be able to capture this unique love between mother and babies, in a safe environment, surrounded by... Magic. It was. They were. And I am so grateful. Thank you Aja. You as a woman and a mother exude grace, beauty and strength. I bow to you.