Whidbey Island Fair

It's that time again... county and state fair time! A time over the summer months where people gather from far and wide for fried food, Four H, and fair rides that look like they are from the 1960's. The Whidbey Island Fair is no exception to the greatness of fair's. This was our first year attedning and I left feeling like I understood this island just a little bit more.

My understanding is that most people go multiple times over the four days that it is open. For us, one day was perfect. The highlights for us were attempting to visit ALL the animal barns, the man on the corner with the bubble wand, the woman making balloon creatures (or in our case sparkle & heart wands), and the merry-go-round. Oh, and the curly fries. I can't leave out the deliciously crunchy curly fries.

If we could do it again, which I'm sure we will next year, I will plan to see the art & agriculture barns, which would really round out the cultural experience for me.

Until 2017!