Pumpkin Carving | A New Island

What can I say... With an updated website, comes a new blog! And because writing about myself makes me feel like puking, I nervously and hesitantly welcome you. But really, thank you for reading!

My little family up and moved from Maui to Whidbey Island, WA this past July. We left 95 degree weather for, 95 degree weather. At lest that is what July looked like. November looks more like cozy wool sweaters and fires every day, and we couldn't be happier about it.

We have found that Whidbey Island is much more than we had expected. Before moving here we had spent only a handful of extended weekends here visiting my parents. My imagined life here looked more sleep and retired, where time had not only slowed down but also stood still. Instead we have been welcomed with really rad people, a lot of young families, and the continuation of "Island Time" which is fine by me. To get on and off the island you have to plan around ferry schedules, which are generally on time but also dictated by tides and can easily fill up during tourist season, leaving you waiting. And I don't mind having to slow down and wait while the rest of the world hurries on.

Our new community came together for a pumpkin carving party, filled with bonfires, costumes, bobbing for apples and yes, carving pumpkins. It was fun and sweet and was graciously hosted by lovely people. Thank you Courtney, Tom & Maggie!